Monday, 2 November 2009

'anti zionism' IS Anti Semitism

So let’s clear this up, once and for all, shall we...?

Criticising Israeli policy is not ‘anti semitism’.

Criticising/expressing dislike for Israeli politicians is not ‘anti semitism’.

Criticising Israel’s weather/restaurants/beaches/airline etc is not ‘anti semitism’.

Criticising various actions taken by Israel is not ‘anti semitism’.


*Stating that Israel ‘has no right to exist’ IS anti semitism:

By doing this, you are singling out the Jewish state, in a manner that is unfair, irrational, and arrogant.

*Stating that ‘zionists’ are to blame for the problems in the Middle East IS anti semitism.

You are placing the blame for the centuries-old problems squarely upon those who live in and support the right to exist of the Jewish state.

Applying a tougher moral standard to Israel than to her Arab neighbours, or indeed any other nation IS anti semitism. You are demanding things of Israel that you do not demand of any other nation.

*MISrepresenting verifiable history about Israel IS anti semitism:

It means you are spreading lies about the Jewish state.

So for example:

If you state: ‘Jews don’t have any right to be in Palestine’ – then that IS anti semitism:

You are misrepresenting history, and ignoring the fact that Palestinian Jews have been living in the region for the past 3500 years, non stop.

You are also denying the existence OF the Jewish state, by referring to it as ‘Palestine’. Palestine was a region, and it was divided up by the British. Roughly 80% went to the Arabs. We know it as Jordan.

Over 50% of Israelis are natives OF the Middle East, going back countless generations.

It was the Arab rejection of the two state plan that caused the 1948 war between Israel and the six Arab nations that attacked her.

The very term ‘Palestinian’ originally referred TO Jews. The Palestinian Philharmonic Orchestra: totally Jewish.

The Palestinian Post newspaper: totally staffed by Jews – it went on to become today’s Jerusalem Post.

The Palestinian Brigade that fought WITH the allies AGAINST the Nazis: was 100% JEWISH.